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dj robert smith x ma.quality

Some time ago ma.quality met with the extraordinary scratch expert DJ Robert Smith on a gentle autumn day in Berlin at the Schöneberger Pallasseum, where french-american artist Benoît Maubrey installed temporarily one of his electroacoustic sculptures. We simply couldn’t resist and just had to shot a portable scratching session at this impressive wall of speakers. Enjoy!

released: November 23, 2022

– Credits –
Performing Artist: DJ Robert Smith
Instrumental: Jazz Spastiks – Listen (Green Street LP)
Electroacoustic Sculptures: Benoît Maubrey
Video: ma.quality

sneaky x ma.quality

A live instrumental interpretation of “The Cure – Lovesong” by Sneaky (Fingathing). Shot and recorded in a one take in Berlin while testing the SVC-210 silent cello lent by Yamaha. Backing loops recorded and performed using Sneaky’s regular old cello (Vida) and triggered live on a Digitech Jamman pedal through a (kit made) filter pedal + expression pedal. Other pedals in the cello chain: Crybaby bass wah, EBS dynaverb, MXR bass di.

released: July 13th, 2023

– Credits –
Performing Artist: Sneaky (Fingathing)
Song: Lovesong (original by The Cure)
Video: ma.quality